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Artichokes & Attitudes

Understanding attitudes that hurt and heal

Jane & Terry Hielman

Belonging to the thistle family, the artichoke flower's soft heart is hidden beneath tough, prickly leaves, much as the human heart is hidden behind attitudes which, at times, are just as tough and prickly.

Through practical exercises this book shows how to strip away these tough-and-pricklies and replace them with positive attitudes, allowing the precious human heart to grow towards its full potential.

Artichokes & Attitudes is channelled through spirit by Jane Hielman. It is a proud work of support to mankind for the healing of our beautiful planet and the growth of light work around the globe.


When looking at what is staring me in the face, I see a mirror; in this mirror is a person doing the best that they can. As I watch this person I see fear. In that fear, I see courage that has been shaken beyond personal understanding. Fear that is inherent in the situation and a way of unravelling this. As I move on to the next mirror I see a boy, a young boy, a timid fearful boy – a coward in fact – not able to express himself and looking for great support. As I see and hear the expressions of fear and courage, I know that the hatred that is uppermost in the mind is jealousy.

Jealousy is the way of expressing loss and lack of contentment. This loss is paramount to the cause and purpose of the first light of insight. As insight develops and grows, the ability to respond will strengthen and the benefits will show in the process and purpose of attitude.

I go. I grow.

I know the flow of thoughts and talents and behaviour will move the rock of obstinateness and hatred. And as the rock moves and the life force begins to f low, I know I will see light and love and freedom of thought and faith. Attitude.

Question: How can I best effect change?
Answer: By knowing myself, my needs and desires and honouring the path that gives me the clues and leads me onto actualisation.